Coaching with Keystone

Awakening Possibilities, Supporting Effectiveness

Coaching with Keystone

Awakening Possibilities, Supporting Effectiveness

My Clients

I work with people who want actionable, results-oriented insight on how to take their leadership, communication, and people skills to the next level and become the kind of leader people want to follow.  

Seasoned Leaders

You may be a seasoned leader who is in a new role or one who wants to take their work in a new direction.

I work with clients whose new role requires them to ‘expand their range’. They often find that they rely upon a few comfortable approaches and now need to explore new ways to adapt and expand their approaches in order to increase their effectiveness across situations.

New Leaders

You may be new to supervision, management or leadership.

I work with clients who were very successful as individual contributors in a group setting but who moved into a position where they, for the first time, are responsible for the work and results of others. They often find that the skills that got them the new role are not the same skills that will make them successful in this new position.  I help them learn the skills they need to make new choices and create a new self-awareness that leads to new ways of doing things. They wish to build leadership skills and a leadership presence.


When working with teams, I coach the team as a system. The team has the means within itself to succeed, and I coach them to see this potential.

I observe the team as they work together, then highlight the patterns of team behavior.  As a group, we explore what the team does that supports its success and what it does that may be counter-productive.

My Approach

My practice is based on my core belief that the answers lie within my clients. I consider each coaching engagement to be a journey rich with self-discovery and grounded in personal accountability.  As we work together, I support clients in the clarification of their goals, open them awareness to the choices available, and work with them to try-on new approaches. We will work based on your goals and intentions from what is, to what is possible.

The key to successful results from coaching lie in conversations that may, at times, leave the client feeling vulnerable, may ask them to examine their habits, to solve problems, to try on new ways of being, and to hold themselves accountable.

As a partner invested in the success of each of my clients, I create a safe and compassionate space while exploring with them the possibilities that linger on the horizon while holding them accountable to the goals they identified.

Possibilities Await

To you, I say: start now toward your waiting possibilities. Why wait?

Complete the interest form below, call 207-632-2170, or email me to schedule a Discovery Call.

During that call, we’ll explore the outcomes you want from a coaching engagement. You’ll learn a little about my approach and together, we’ll see if we’ll be a good fit to ensure your success.

As your coach, I will be your success partner and accountability coach! Start your journey to awaken the possibilities that have been nudging you.


What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Counseling delves into the past of an individual, in order to help make the present better.  Coaching looks at the present in order to improve the future.

In essence, coaching is used primarily to improve upon performance or skills, whereas counseling is primarily to help resolve emotional problems and conflicts in interpersonal relationships.

Why does coaching work?  It works because with coaching you’ll develop better and clearer goals than without. In addition, the synergies between coach and client create the momentum and accountability that result in actually achieving the goals.

As a result of coaching, the client will develop new skills and awareness which translates into greater success.

How will I know if you’re the right coach for me? The basis of a successful coaching engagement is finding the right fit between coach and client. Before I begin any coaching engagement,  I offer a complimentary session where we can determine if the work you want to do and our styles are a good fit.

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